What Happened to the 30 Pieces of Silver Given to Judas for Betraying Jesus?


Judas' 30 pieces of silver in Charleston?

Thomas Edward Garrett is an outskirter among the social and political elite in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, a fact that grates on his soul and claws at his mind. Garrett's life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a treasure of unimaginable value. But among the artifacts in this incredible "find" is an unusual box that contains some very dangerous coins. Suddenly, everything he desires - wealth, power, notoriety, celebrity, women - are all for the taking. And a very different power is clawing at Garrett's mind.

The Story

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The Coins

The infamous 30 pieces of silver given to Judas by the Chief Priest for his betrayal of Jesus. Filled with regret or recanting of his betrayal, it is said that Judas threw the coins into the Temple. But when these coins were thrown... they were cursed.

Thomas Edward Garrett, III

Garrett, 43, and the main human character, was an antiques dealer in Charleston, South Carolina. Though blessed with much in life, he lacked the one thing that he wanted more than anything - acceptance within Charleston's socially elite. Suddenly his life changed with one discovery...

Doctor Bug

Wilber Walters, aka Doctor Bug, was a bonafide root doctor. When traditional medicine failed to find the cause of Garrett's horific dreams, Garrett agreed to meet with Doctor Bug. It didn't take long for Garrett to see that he had gotten much more than he had bargained for...


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Most people consider retirement as a time to relax, do some fishing, sit in a rocking chair on the coast and listen to the waves create the music of nature. Not this author. The closing of a four decade career as a marketing, advertising, and magazine publishing executive signaled the beginning of a new adventure. While writing always had its place in his profession, writing the "Great American Novel" was never in his plans. That was until a work associate challenged Jarrells to write a novel after discussing the story idea of Ill Gotten Gain.

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"You will devote their ill-gotten gain to the Lord."
Micah 4:13