Meet Ralph Jarrells

Most people consider retirement as a time to relax, do some fishing, sit in a rocking chair on the coast and listen to the waves create the music of nature. Not this author.

Born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Jarrells was an only child to a housewife from Charleston and a career soldier from Gadsden, Alabama. Jarrells, who was naturally quizzical and outgoing as a child, went to public schools in Columbia, South Carolina, and continued his education at the University of South Carolina in Journalism.

After a career spanning nearly four and a half decades in advertising, marketing, and magazine publishing roles, Jarrell faced retirement. Retirement, to most people, means time to relax, but not to Jarrells. "What to do? What to do? I don't like fishing, and I don't think I could handle more than two days sitting in a rocking chair, anywhere!" So, Jarrells started what would become an award-winning video production company and added 28 international creative awards to his trophy case. His work focused on telling the stories of missions all over the world, and his work brought him to places in Togo West Africa, Ghana, Albania, Guatemala, India, and Belize. Serving in the mission fields became a true passion for Jarrells.

Today, Jarrells is directly involved with programs to feed and house homeless widows in India and to feed and educate orphans in Uganda. In fact, 25% of all royalties from Ill Gotten Gain go directly to help fund these projects and missions.

While Ill Gotten Gain is his first novel, look for more great work from this author soon.

Jarrells and his wife, Sybil, reside in West Columbia, South Carolina, and together they travel the world serving those less fortunate. 

"It is blood money."
Matthew 27:6