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Supernatural/paranormal novels are the best type of books if you are looking to get lost in a thrilling, terrifying world that will take you on an epic journey. I wished for a book just like this so when I discovered Ill Gotten Gain I was sold, I read the description as well as the preview, and I knew immediately that this book was going to become one of my favorites. As I have now finished reading Ill Gotten Gain, I can happily confirm that this impeccably well-developed story was everything I wanted it to be and more and yes, it is now a favorite read of mine! The unpredictable nature of Ill Gotten Gain combined with the supernatural and what certain things does to a person, such as power, wealth and notoriety, make Ill Gotten Gain a fascinating read that should not be missed.

Ill Gotten Gain is a unique novel with an original premise which is unlike anything I have read before. I love unique stories with unusual themes, so the themes incorporated throughout this book astounded me. In Ill Gotten Gain, the reader will follow the protagonist of the novel, Thomas Edward Garrett. Thomas is a man who wants it all, he wants power, wealth and connections… he has all of these three components but he wants more so when he finds some strange coins amongst a lost and peculiar box of artifacts, his world changes drastically and suddenly, Thomas has everything he has ever dreamed of. He has wealth as well as power, but greed is a terrible thing, and power can quickly spin out of control and when a particular kind of power overtakes Thomas, bizarre and dangerous happenings will occur and this book lovers, is the premise of Ill Gotten Gain.

Never before have I read a book that managed to captivate and enthrall me so quickly. As a reader who adores the art of literature, I have high standards so if I do not feel compelled to read from the first few pages, I put the book down, and this has been happening a lot to me lately. So you can imagine my delight when I started to read Ill Gotten Gain to find that I was instantly captivated and wanting more! As I reached the end of each chapter I felt an unrelenting urge to turn the page, I read Ill Gotten Gain into the early hours of the morning because whenever I would reach the end of a brilliant chapter, I would say to myself, just one more. When a reader feels so compelled to read it is a sign of an excellent book and plot but also, the sign of a true wordsmith.

Ralph Jarrells is just this; a talented wordsmith who knows how to write a brilliant story. His action-packed story full of shocking twists and turns and heart thumping moments make Ill Gotten Gain highly addictive, and if you are a reader who does not feel compelled to read with this book then well, I do not know what will! Jarrells indeed is extraordinary and his unique story combined with his stunning literature that flows beautifully throughout is enough to make all readers fall in love with him and his talented work as an author.

It is no surprise that I adore Ill Gotten Gain, and so it will be no surprise that my rating for this exceptional book is Five Stars! This captivating, sensational book is utterly brilliant and will have readers reading like mad people! The genius story combined with poignant themes of greed and what it does to a person is simply sensational. Oh, and who can forget that this book features some supernatural beings… what are these beings? Read Ill Gotten Gain to find out!

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