• Red Headed Book Lover Blog Review - Supernatural/paranormal novels are the best type of books if you are looking to get lost in a thrilling, terrifying world that will take you on an epic journey. I wished for a book just like this so when I discovered Ill Gotten Gain I was sold, I read the description as well as the preview, and I knew immediately that this book was going to become one of my favorites. As I have now finished… Read More
  • “Excellent work from a new author.” - Thomas Edward Garrett III is a disgruntled, though relatively successful, antiques dealer based in Charleston, South Carolina, operating his established business from his large family home at 13 Church Street. He is a respected businessman; financially he is comfortable rather than rich, and enjoys a close relationship with the senator’s daughter, an attractive, vivacious woman who, in addition to attending to his emotional needs, also helps promote his business. He feels isolated, however, excluded from… Read More
  • “The best book for those long winter nights…” - The best book for those long winter nights, Ralph E Jarrells’ Ill Gotten Gain is a blend of religious and historical mystery, perfectly constructed to communicate a sense of fear and uncertainty. When a Charleston antiques dealer discovers an ancient relic, he is tempted to believe it’s a find that is of immeasurable value and that can bring him recognition and acceptance—it’s a box that holds the thirty pieces of silver given to Judas when… Read More
"Cursed is the man who is hung on a tree."
Galatians 3:13